For more than 20 years we have been transforming our love of printing in fluffy scarves; our collections are part of us, of our history and of our experience.
We create unique emotions, with a strong identity, through a made in Italy project. Our collections are dedicated to an ironic and contemporary woman, a lover of the easy dress.
Today the Pyaar's philosophy is characterized by a collection that born from the constant search for mediation between industry and craftsmanship.
Pyaar's commitment is to work on a border line, balancing the most advanced expressions of creativity and interpreting the emotions of the public. The result is a product that enhances the details and the craftsmanship.


It was in 2007 that the Turin entrepreneur Walter Magnano, at the head of the Triade Group specialized in the textile sector, decides that the time has come to start a new journey: real and virtual, entrepreneurial and emotional.
“I have never stopped - explains Walter Magnano - I have always traveled all over the world, and in various places I discovered new realities, with a very particular creativity and way of producing. Gradually I thought that these different realities should not remain just simple suppliers, but could also integrate in the design sense, coming to conceive with us new products but with a history, a cultural syncretism that is today the new frontier, not only of creativity. and production, but of all of us. "
Thus the Pyaar scarves brand was born, which in Hindi means Love: love for life experiences, for different cultures that can be conjugated, contaminated, told.
The result: fabrics developed starting from the millenary Indian technical-creative tradition, worked and updated through a stylistic research of made in Italy. 
Pyaar begins his experience in the real world: scarves with a thousand shades, multiple patterns and uniqueness of the fabrics are realized.
Pyaar becomes a brand identifying a style made of refinement and internationality, imposing itself not only in Italy, but also in Europe with good results even overseas.